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WWCR Staff Assists Engineer with Transmitter Cleaning, Maintenance

For Immediate Release

27 August 2013
Contact: Brady Murray
Tel. +1.615-255-1300

On Saturday August 24, WWCR transmitters 1 and 2 were taken off-air for a combined six hours of downtime as well as a combined six hours of labor and instruction. WWCR's Chief Engineer, Phil Patton, examined the constantly running transmitters thoroughly while also providing valuable instruction about the Continental 418E transmitters to staff members Chris Buchanan, Nathan Smith, Allan Gray, Kevin White and Brady Murray.

The purpose of this planned downtime and maintenance session was not only to clean and inspect the equipment but also to provide WWCR's non-engineering staff with the valuable opportunity to learn about the 100kW shortwave transmitters in a hands-on setting. The entire staff welcomed this rare opportunity to assist Phil and to ask questions.

WWCR's mission to provide listeners and broadcasters with the most informed, trained and professional staff was certainly furthered on that Saturday afternoon. Knowlegde was freely shared as well as a few good laughs.

Few, if any, international broadcasters spend time like this with staff and engineering working together in a joint process to facilitate and enhance transmitter operations. The time spent by the group in the cleaning/maintenance and knowledge sharing project will allow Chief Engineer Phil Patton to utilize his time in other transmitter projects in future.

This example of teamwork at WWCR extends to all areas, such as production and board operations, to ensure that WWCR's broadcasters get the best transmissions to their audiences. WWCR is blessed to have such quality oriented and flexible employees, as well as a superb Chief Engineer in Phil Patton.

Phil Patton

Chris Buchanan

Kevin White

Nathan Smith

Allan Gray

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