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WWCR Attends B09 Meeting of HFCC/ASBU in Dominican Republic

For Immediate Release

28 August 2009
Contact: Brady Murray
Tel. +1.615-255-1300

WWCR was represented by Dr. Jerry Plummer and Brady Murray at the B09 HFCC meeting in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. The HFCC meets in February and August each year to coordinate frequencies for the A and B schedules, respectively. Stations in over 100 countries are represented.

The HFCC can claim its worldwide success over the years to its belief that that face-to-face negotiations among members lead to fewer frequency collisions. This belief, when coupled with technology, always makes for a synergistic and effective Conference.

The B09 meeting was hosted by the National Association of Shortwave Broadcasters (NASB). WWCR is a NASB member station and is represented on its Board of Directors by Brady Murray.

WWCR wishes to extend thanks to Terry Borders and Glen Tapley of EWTN for their assistance at varied times of the Conference. It is truly appreciated. They are a true measure of what the HFCC is about.

Pictured right to left: Tom Lucey, FCC; George Ross, KTWR; Brady Murray, WWCR; Terry Borders, EWTN; Dr. Jerry Plummer, WWCR; Glen Tapley, EWTN.

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