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WWCR Attends A13 Meeting of HFCC/ASBU in Tunis, Tunisia

For Immediate Release

5 February 2013
Contact: Brady Murray
Tel. +1.615-255-1300

WWCR was represented by Dr. Jerry Plummer and Brady Murray at the A13 HFCC meeting in Tunis, Tunisia. The HFCC meets twice each year to coordinate frequencies for the A and B schedules. Stations in over 100 countries are represented.

The HFCC retains its worldwide success over the years to its firm belief that that face-to-face negotiations among members lead to fewer frequency collisions, both during the meetings and the times in between.

The A13 meeting was hosted by the Arab States Broadcasting Union in cooperation with the HFCC Steering Board. The NASB's Jeff White served as Conference Coordinator. WWCR is a NASB member station and is represented on its Board of Directors by Brady Murray.

Dr. Plummer was also able to assist in representation of absent domestic governmental broadcasters during the Conference, and Brady conducted a systematic, detailed monitoring schedule for analysis and utilisation to broadcasters. Detailed monitoring in Northern Africa for WWCR's frequencies was previously unavailable.

Dr. Plummer, Bassil Zoubi of the ASBU and Brady Murray at the Conference.

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